The Journal

Welcome, friends!

After years of going round and round in circles debating whether I should venture down the personal styling road, I’ve finally won the battle with my inner demons and taken the plunge.

So, welcome to my brand new website! Yes, this is a place where you’ll find my personal fashion styling services. But it’s also a home for my thoughts on the latest trends, suggestions on the items you should REALLY be investing in, behind the scenes stories — and oh boy, do I have some good work stories — and snapshots of places I’ve worked and travelled.

You’ll also find my musings on the latest interior design shows I’m bingeing, FOOD! — because let’s face it, I’m a major foodie — and maybe even the occasional “look at me, this is what I’m wearing today” post.

This is my journal, my story, and a piece of my world. I can’t wait to share it with you all!

#OnTheSofa Ep.2 Personal Branding & Style.

I’ve known Ash since we were 15 years old. We have lot of history together, and a great friendship. I’ve therefore also had the privilege of watching his business grow from NZ, to now tackling the US market.

On this episode of #OnTheSofa, I talk to Ash about Business Branding and Style. We cover the importance of thinking about branding as a whole package, and the visual representation of your brand through yourself and the image you portray!



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