While these services exist as a guide, I can also design a bespoke package for you
based on your individual needs and lifestyle.

Ready to step into your power and show up in style?
Let’s do this.


If you’re going through a major turning point in your life and need the image change to match, this is the package for you.
With a complete style makeover, you’ll shed the layers holding you back and create an image that reflects your best self.

This VIP package is designed to make you feel like the king or queen you are!



We start with an initial two-hour consultation at your home. Together, we’ll go through your entire wardrobe and do a deep cleanse. Prepare to feel challenged and let go of the past as we go through what you have, what you’ve outgrown and what is no longer serving you. We’ll talk through your needs, dreams and fears, as well as your budget — how much you’re willing to invest to revive your wardrobe. The goal here is really to understand you and your lifestyle, so we can create a style that is 100% you.

After our wardrobe consultation, I get to work on developing and designing your STYLE. I take everything we’ve covered in our wardrobe consultation, and design a STYLE GUIDE, a road map that visually outlines your new sense of style. This STYLE GUIDE will be sent to you via email, we’ll have a quick phone call to discuss all my ideas, and get your approval.

Following your approval, I hit up all the appropriate stores looking for great options for you to try on during our shopping trip. This ensures everything is pre-selected and on hold for us, making our shopping trip as efficient as possible.

You’ll pop on your activewear and comfortable shoes and come ready for our big day! The shopping trip starts early at 8am and goes all day. So, to make the experience as streamlined stress-free as possible, this package includes a luxury chauffeur. With this VIP fashion styling service, your personal driver will pick you up from your front door and bring you to our shopping destination. They’ll also drop you home at the end of the day. We will have a quick breakfast where I will run through the itinerary for the day — i.e the shops we’re going to hit and what to expect. There is also a lunch pit-stop, where you can refuel, go through the list of all try-ons and make decisions. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a wardrobe filled with items you love that make you feel your most confident, stylish and powerful self.

At home styling session. After our shop, we’ll meet back at your house on the next available day. Here, I’ll organise your wardrobe, style outfits we’ve bought with existing pieces and show you how to mix and match to get as much versatility as possible from your new and improved wardrobe. Most importantly, I’ll leave you feeling confident, empowered and ready to tackle the world in your new look.


Who is your typical client for this service?
My clients range from CEOs and television executives to business analysts and working mums. Typically, they are sick of their look and are craving a change. They aren’t afraid to step outside the norm and buck trends. Rather, they invest in quality, detail and value.

Does the cost of the package include clothing?
No, the package cost is for styling services only. Shopping budget is additional.

How much do I need to budget for the shopping trip?
Your budget is totally up to you. I will discuss this with you during our wardrobe consultation, so we can talk through your expectations. I like my clients to invest in quality pieces that will carry them through a decade or even more. My typical client can spend anywhere from $2000 to $20,000.

Which areas of Sydney is the luxury car chauffeur available to?
This service is only available to clients within 15kms of the Sydney CBD.

How do I get home? Will the car service drop me?
Yes of course – this service is designed to make you feel like the queen you are! You’ll beat the traffic and get door-to-door service on both ends for a truly blissful shopping day.

Can I still get a car service if I’m located outside of 15kms from Sydney?
If you’re located outside of Sydney CBD, this package includes stress-free valet parking in the city.


Please allow 4wks for the Complete Style Makeover Package to be completed. Price by Enquiry Only.


Do you have your personal style sorted, but feel like something is missing from your wardrobe?

Maybe you have the essentials, but feel like you need a few statement pieces to pull it all together? Or, perhaps you have an important event coming up, but don’t have time to hunt down the perfect outfit yourself?

If any of these statements resonate, this is the package for you!

Armed with an impeccable eye for quality, I hunt down those missing pieces in your wardrobe that bring the ‘wow’ factor — so YOU don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule.



We start with an initial, 30-minute virtual consultation via Zoom. Here, we will get to know each other, and talk through your individual needs, goals and budget for your personal shopping trip.

After our virtual consultation, I hit up all the appropriate stores looking for great options for you to try on during our shopping trip. This ensures everything is pre-selected and on hold for us, making our shopping trip as efficient as possible.

We will meet in the Sydney CBD for our shopping trip. Please allow three hours to try on all the pieces I’ve pre-selected. As you try your items on, I will advise on the cut, style, fabric and fit. I’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your investment. The result? You walk away with pieces you adore, and the confidence that they’ll work seamlessly for you and your lifestyle.


Who is your typical client for this service?
My typical clients range from busy CEOs and working mums who want the perfect outfit sorted quickly, OR out-of-towners and international clients who would prefer a local fashion guru to guide their shopping trip.

Please note, this is not a total wardrobe makeover. It’s ideal for someone who needs a guide to help them shop for specific items. If you are in need of a stylist to overhaul your personal style, address underlying confidence issues or cull your wardrobe for the better, my Complete Makeover Package may be a better fit.

What are some examples of clients who have used this service?

  • Clients who have a great wardrobe, but just need a few statement pieces to pull everything together. For example, the perfect shoe, jacket, coat or jewellery.
  • Clients who have an important event coming up, but are simply too time poor to search for that perfect outfit themselves. For example, a wedding guest, racing season outfit or guest speaker at a conference or event.
  • Clients who have worn through a few key items in their wardrobe that need replacing.
  • Clients who need a good 3 to 5 outfits to complement their new job, career change or business brand image.
  • Client who are going away for a holiday or conference and need some key pieces for travelling.
  • International or interstate clients who are planning a shopping trip to Sydney.

Put simply, if you need a quick turn-around time to get you on the road to style confidence, this package is a good fit for you.

Does the cost of the package include clothing budget?
No, the cost of the package is for styling services only. The shopping budget is additional.

How much do I need to budget for our shopping trip?
Your budget is totally up to you. I will discuss this with you on our 30-minute virtual consultation, so we can ensure we’re both on the same page.


Please allow 3hrs for the Personal Shopping Package to be completed. Price by Enquiry Only.


Is your wardrobe in urgent need of an upgrade, but you have no idea where to start?

Maybe you feel like your personal style does not communicate who you really are inside — or who you want to be.
But at the same time, you’re not quite ready to invest in a total wardrobe overhaul or a personal stylist.

If this is you, the Virtual Style Guide could be just the thing you need to break free from your style rut!

In this intensive, 60-minute virtual session, we’ll address all your biggest style concerns and map out a plan of attack for your wardrobe.

Whether you want some quick tips on branding your image or need a professional opinion on putting together the perfect outfit for a special occasion, this virtual styling session is all about what YOU need most.

After just an hour, you’ll walk away feeling calm and confident in your ability to up-level your style game.



Our virtual style chat will be held via Zoom. Here, you’ll have my undivided attention as we chat through your biggest wardrobe concerns, lifestyle and personal style goals. From here, I will be able to make suggestions on what you can do to re-vamp your wardrobe on your own.

While every session is different, I’ll typically suggest different cuts, styles and colours that would complement you, your body and your personality. We can also do a mini virtual wardrobe declutter, where I give you a second, professional opinion on what to keep and what to cull.

This package comes with a complimentary 30-minute follow-up session. This is a chance for us to touch base on your progress and address any other concerns or questions that might have come up since your session.

My goal is for you to feel 100% ready to step into your inner power through style.


Who is your typical client for this package?
This package is perfect for anyone who feels overwhelmed when it comes to style and needs clarity on what direction to take. It’s also ideal for people who are based internationally or interstate and want virtual styling advice.

What are some examples of clients who have used this package?

  • Overwhelmed people who know they need a style upgrade but aren’t sure what their wardrobe is missing.
  • Clients who want to do the shopping themselves, but need advice on what items to focus on and where to shop.
  • Busy people who need to quickly refresh current items in their wardrobe or re-work them with new pieces.
  • Clients who want to do a virtual wardrobe declutter and get a second opinion from a stylist on what to keep and what to chuck.
  • Business or start-up owners who want to create a strong personal brand but don’t know where to start.
  • Brides and grooms-to-be who have already chosen their dream dress for their wedding, but need help dressing their groom and the bridal party.

What happens if I need more than an hour for a Virtual Style Guide?
In the lead-up to our session, I will always check if you need longer than an hour to reach your style goals. Should you need more time, any additional hours will be charged at $200/hour. We will end our first initial session after an hour and re-book the extra hours accordingly.


Please allow 2hrs in total for the Virtual Style Guide Package to be completed. 30mins initial consultation, 1hr of Virtual Style Session and 30mins follow up consultation. Price by Enquiry Only.


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