My love for ELLERY is real!

Have you ever had that moment where your heart skips a beat, you get goose bumps and you become so overwhelmed with emotion that you start tearing up?

Maybe it happened the first time you saw symphony orchestra, or heard a touching song or ate a really, really delicious burger. Well, this is classic me…but it happens when I come across a really incredible garment. When I find a piece that has been so well considered in every way — from design and fabric to cut — .oh baby, it’s like poetry!

I’m talking about ELLERY, of course. My love for this amazing brand is real. I mean, where do I even start?! This shirt is just one of the few ELLERY pieces I protect with my life. Maybe it’s the designer in me that appreciates every detail – a cross between a button-tab collar and a mandarin collar, the over-sized cuff, the bib front detail and the slit on the back panel creates seasonal versatility. I’m not exaggerating when I say this shirt makes me feel a higher level of confidence.

Thank you, Kim Ellery, for making pieces that truly resonate!

Wearing: My favourite Ellery shirt won here with black Hugo Boss pants, Hugo by Hugo Boss boots and Gucci handbag.

*This is not a sponsored post, but ELLERY — my door is always open!

Shot by Kristina Yenko