Be Your OWN Best Business Card.

Feel CONFIDENT showing up in a room full of your ideal clients.

STOP feeling OVERWHELMED with your wardrobe and shopping.

Save TIME on shopping and all the GUESS-WORK.

Build a versatile, hard-working wardrobe.

Hi, I’m Jane.

I understand that as a busy, high-powered human, you make hundreds of decisions each day.

With my personal branding styling services, ‘what to wear’ will no longer be one of them.

I take the stress out of getting dressed each day by creating a wardrobe filled only with pieces tailored to your Personal Brand aligned with your unique Personal Style and Lifestyle.

The result? There’s none of this, “ugh, what should I wear?” every time you get dressed.

Instead, it sounds like “OOOoh, which items should I wear today?”

Here’s How I Can Help You.


"I love the energy and positivity Jane brings to the work she does, she’s been an absolute joy to have around and I’m sure that I will continue working with her into the future. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

-Anoushka Allum , Interior Designer, Sydney


“Jane pushed me to expand my own style and to try new ways of wearing my clothes. I loved how specific Jane was with her recommendations and also how I could find a new style with my existing wardrobe. Thanks for helping me find my style and helping me take the next step in expressing myself through my clothes.”

-Olivia Kruger , Business Consultant, Auckland


"I’ve worked with Jane on several campaigns and editorials and she’s never been anything less than excellent. She maintains an extremely high level of professionalism and is constantly focused on the concept of creating work of the highest quality. Her years of experience and the time and effort she’s spent getting to the level she is at, definitely show."

-Levon Baird , Photographer The Artist Group, Sydney


Are you READY to align your Personal Style with your Personal Brand?